Tuesday, 8 April 2014

The moderate RNadiaSabrina

Hai girls..its been a long time me being silent right? Ok my blogging mood is turn on today. Hahahahaa..can meyh like that?? Ok for past few months i was captured a lots of attitude in muslimah fashion styles. One of the most eye catching for most moderate muslimah fashion style is from Raja Nadia Sabrina.
From my observations on her fashion sense, she has a kind of simple, moderate, contemporary modern chic that suit her age very well. Goshh..like hers 1,2,and 3 pieces outfits. She will match top with pants or long skirts and sometime will pair them with various type of cardigan to make her looked covered. Using less than 3 colors at one time show that she is very matured in combining colors in her own style.With less accessories and less make up, she still looked stunning!

You can visit her at www.rnadia.com
More story about her life and more and more and moreeeeee pictures of her looks in her page. Just check it out girls then you will agreed with me..She is moderate fashionissta!!

 Design her own skirt rnadia swan

 Modern dress.

Been featured in HIJABISTA mag.
 Her famous pari-pari shawl styling

Ok girls till then..bye mucho mucho ;)

Love u all..


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