Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Nurul Iza Thepinkstilettos..

So, straight to the point..Coz i dont have much time to 'merepek'. Ok as i 've mentioned yesterday..i already captured so many attitude of muslimah fashions nowadays. I have visited many blogs and found many versatile bloggers.
So, one of the versatile blogger is Nurul Iza and i will review about her fashion today.
She is a mother of two beautiful princesses. 
Just a have a look on these pictures.

What i can say about her:
# She modern
#She moderate
# She like Heels
#She love sunglasses
#Less Accessories
# Vogue Mom
#Well organize mother 

You can check more about her here
of yaa..just to mention,
She is the elder sister of Shazwani Hamid and Hanis Haizi the Premium Beautiful top distributor!
ok..till meet again..
lov ya

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