Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Aliaqueen -The Brave Girl

Hahahaaa...What a title right?
Well for me she is a brave girl ok..From my point of view she is a kind of trendsetter. She easily use color block or neon type of color even for a simple occasion that i'm surely think that many of us will avoid it. May be some of  you would not agree with me.(Yalah this is only my opinion-me myself will avoid block color pair with neon color coz im afraid of looking over/obvious) Hahahahahah  
Yes, many of us will say that her style is look so much similar with Indah Nada Puspita or Dian Pelangi but from my observation, i can see a little bit different she has made to style in her own.
Yes you have to have a big collections of handbags and shoes/heels.She used to pair belt and other accessories to matching up with her outfits. 

So, ok... you can scroll down to see her pictures..

You definitely get what i meant.  

What say you?
She brave huh?

Till meet again..


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